Here. And Now!

NB: We apologize for the technical difficulties we had yesterday (we’re not the best at copying, pasting and linking HTML!). 

First we would like to wish each and every one of you a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year.  

We’re very excited to announce that a select photo from our shop can now be purchased right here on our blog.  And we offer accessory items as well that feature our images, which can also be purchased right here.  The items for today are featured below.

Starry Night
8 x 12
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Starry Night


Rest your weary self against these soft (but durable) throw pillows or let loose that excess energy and toss ’em around or engage in a good old-fashioned pillow fight. The cover is fashioned from 100% polyester fabric with a concealed zipper, and comes with a pillow insert.

Fly Me To The Moon
14 x 14
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14 x 14

14 x 14

Fly Me To The Moon
20 x 24
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20 x 24

20 x 24

Our totes are made from an especially durable poly poplin fabric, full bleed printed on both sides, with a comfortable black cotton shoulder strap.  With its convenient 13 x 13 inch size these totes are affordable, and while compact, they are roomy enough to accommodate most anything you might need to carry.  They are great for shopping, knitting & crochet projects, or a day at the beach, and they make a perfect gift idea.

  Musk Thistle
13 x 13
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WP Tote

Warm your soul, sharpen your mind, and make life just that much better any time of the day.  Whether you’re at home, at the office, or on the go, our coffee & travel mugs will add a special bit of caffeinated (or decaffeinated) flair to your life.  Coffee mugs are crafted from ceramic, travel mugs from insulated stainless steel with a removable lid, and both are dishwasher safe.

Fernbank Forest
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It’s a snap!  Our new 6 plus iPhone case, that is.  Snap is a slim fitting one-piece clip-on case that keeps those skinny jeans smooth & sleek.   It allows full access to all device ports and has our image embedded into it.  

Lake Reflections $37.00 Buy Now Button with Credit Cards

WP Phone Case


Coming soon: unisex hoodies, fashioned from 100% fleece cotton (gets softer when you wash it don’t you know!) with a kangaroo pocket and matching drawstrings.


For a couple of months or so we took a hiatus from posting, but our blog never sat idle in our minds.  We’ve been plotting, planning, churning ideas, and finding new directions.  This year we’ve decided to do something a little different.  We thought it might be fun for us and for you if we featured the process that goes into the making of some of our own work…how the magic comes together.

I have always loved the look of vintage botanical prints…the precision of the drawings and of course the beauty.  The frustrated botanist inside me decided to make some of my own but less informative, more current, and hopefully more stylish, and I thank Karen from  The Graphics Fairy for access to these amazing graphics that I use as foundation images to work into stunning art pieces. 

I’ve made eight botanical fine art prints so far, and here’s the first, a Cotoneaster.

Botanical I

Let’s take a look at how it all came together referencing the images below.

Beginning from L to R the splotch of watercolor (1) became my primary image. From the botanical (2) I erased the background resulting in the botanical (3) and placed it on top of the watercolor.  Erasing the background from one of brother Craig’s butterfly photo (4) , I  rotated it and placed it on top of botanical (3). Finished with the wallpaper (4) layer set to a very low opacity and flattened.  Available soon.

Thanks so much for joining us in the new year and have a wonderful weekend!⭐

Monday Morning Buzz

We have a few photos to share today.  Bunny Love is a highly abstract portrait of a little rabbit that my daughter & I had for a minute or two several years ago.  We had named him Lucky Bunny, and he has worked very well as a layer placed on top of a grunge background where I could ‘manipulate’ him.  I actually painted some of him out to let the background be visible over a large part of his body and some of his head.  The final touch is just a bit of a stained antique fleur-de-lis wallpaper.  As he was then so he would now be in a child’s room or anywhere…incredibly sweet.

Bunny Love

Here is our Halloween version of our Horse With No Name.  He is available as an instant download for just $7.00 to use as Halloween decor, party invitations, desktop wallpaper, or anything else one might think of.  He is joined by a dog skeleton and a crow on a moonlit ride through a ghostly cemetery.   I do believe the driver is just an unsuspecting wayfarer about to find that he made a wrong turn!

Horse With No Name2 Halloween
Finally here is the little lump of love that kept me company all week…a 12-year-old Shih Tzu, named Harley.  Such a big & bold name for one who is really a loveable, slow-moving little squirt.  You can barely tell where he begins and where he ends.  He’s looks like a cocoon and is adorable!


I am rather late because of other commitments this week in acknowledging this wild & wonderful October collection by Toni from BucktoothedBunny.  It’s so well-curated with a minimal feel to it, and it’s so beautifully done.  Toni has included our Brave photo, and we are so pleased because we absolutely love this treasury.  Many thanks to you, Toni! ♥

BucktoothedBunny 9-29-14
Toni uses her own designs and photographs as screen prints on her many bags and totes, and I love them all.  I personally own one of her totes and one of her messenger bags, and they are beautifully made and durable.  I hate to say how many times I’ve tossed my messenger bad around without a thought, and it’s still perfect!  My tote says, ‘I knit therefore I am,’ and what else would I use it for but my knitting & crochet projects?  Stop by her shop.  Fall is the right time to buy a new bag to complement your new fall fashions.  

BucktoothedBunny 10-23 1

Hope you’re all enjoying October’s crispy cool weather.  Have a wonderful day from us at TPI

The Friday Forum

Dragon Lord is more fantasy than Halloween although it seems appropriate for Halloween as well.  It is inspired by the BBC production, Merlin, and my re-reading of The Once and Future King.  Both magical and absolutely delightful!

Dragon Lord
Merlin, dragons, and a pentagram are layered onto a grunge background, which in turn has been topped with a green wallpaper.  They have been finished off with the midnight filter in NIK.  Great for a kid’s room.

Agnieszka from agnieszkamalik has created another of those treasuries that is after my own Halloween heart.  Gorgeous Goth!  We are indebted to her for including our Raven with all of these awesome selections.  Thanks so much,  Agnieszka!

agnieszkamalik 9-28-14
Look at these fabulous decoupaged wooden shoes.  Agnieszka does some of the most beautiful decoupage I’ve seen, and her items are unique and wonderful.  More than that, she also makes contemporary bags in felt and felt and leather with gorgeous embellishments.    

agnieszkamalik3 9-28-14

Dee from BronzeOnSaffron has composed a wonderful fantasy in her lovely collection.  Using greens and yellows with some foggy, misty selections we feel a delicious mystery about this treasury.  Dee has included our Medina River photo and we are most grateful.  Many thank, Dee!

BronzeOnSaffron 9-29-14

Dee has a vintage shop where she carries unique and truly beautiful vintage, antique, and re-purposed items.  Take a look at a few of my favorites below and then visit Dee to find a perfect item for your home. 

BronzeOnSaffron2 9-29-14

Leaving with another photo that we’ve recently added to our shop.  I love the obvious passion in the quote by Keats and decided to use in a collage.  Hope you like it!  Thanks for coming by and have a great weekend!

Flower Abstract Background

The Sunday Sun

The photo below is an architectural abstract of Clingmans Dome, the highest point in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  The photo was taken in 2009 looking up to the underside at a pigeon (added) against a gray grunge background (also added).  Has a pretty cool feel to it I think!  

Clingmans Dome

OK, so I do have another Halloween trick up my sleeve.  It is after all my favorite holiday so I’m relentless when it comes to treating myself to ghoulish images.  This is one of those montages that is composed almost solely of free images and wallpapers…the only original photo being one of my moon images, which has been cast over the skull.  Pumpkins sit in the left bottom corner, and two wallpapers have been layered on top with lowered opacities and some painting out.  Come sit a spell under the Harvest Moon, my friends.

Harvest Moon

Today we have an exquisite, glowing collection from Lana of LanasArt called Weekly Love: Glow in Dark, and every selection does just that, giving magnificent light to the gallery as a whole.  We are thrilled to represented with our Carlsbad Caverns, and we are filled with gratitude, Lana.

LanasArt 9-26-14
Lana’s shop is a virtual gallery of her original watercolors.   Her images range from abstract to botanical & floral to fashion, and all are lovely.  I’ve chosen some of my personal favorites, trying to depict some of Lana’s range, but you will find so much more when you take a look at her shop.

LanasArt3 9-26-14

We have some Magic of the Night in a beautiful autumn collection by Elita from Smalkumi.  Our Time Warp makes an appearance here along with many other splendid selections.  We thank you so very much, Elita!

Smalkumi 9-27-14
Elita designs and crochets beautiful pieces of jewelry…necklaces & brooches…and pouches to hold those lovely pieces.  I’ve chosen a few in autumn colors, and you’ll find many more when you visit her shop.

Smalkumi2 9-27-14

Thanks so much for joining us today.  Hope you have a fabulous Sunday!

Thursday’s Trends

Cave Dwellers will likely be my final Halloween photo (for this year anyway!).  I can’t make any promises, but I am running short of materials (not to mention ideas!) for much more of the macabre.  

Batty Crow


Champagne Glass, Rocktown, Pigeon Mountain

This montage began with a photo from one of my favorite places to hike in Georgia, a little enclave of distinctive rock formations at the end of Rocktown Trail on Pigeon Mountain.  One of the most unusual formations is called Champagne Glass and was my original motivation for seeking out this hiking/climbing paradise some years ago.

The photo is not of a cave at all but is a close-up of a marbled rock face.  With textures, filters, and the added images it has the appearance of the inside of a cave…cold, barren, and dark, and might just as well have a warning at the entrance… Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

And speaking to my own macabre fascination Christine from HittyHatty has created a vibrant purple, orange and black treasury that is just that…dark and foreboding.  Just look at these awesome images…all suggestive of something ominous about to happen.   Exciting, scary, and enthralling it is a fabulous collection, and we are so happy to be a part of it with our Raven.  We can’t thank you enough, Christine!

HittyHatty 9-21-14

In Christine’s delightful shop you will find all sorts of  handmade items designed, sewn, and embroidered by her.  Many of her selections were made from up-cycled fabrics such as sweaters, and all are beautiful.  She carries totes, shopping bags, embroidery art, and ornaments galore so be sure to stop by.

HittyHatty1 9-21-14

Judith from JudithKimberPhoto is a very talented fellow photographer and member of the Brave Team.  In her collection below she has chosen delicate colors and selections that perfectly suggest her theme of fragility, underscoring it with this amazing quote by American rapper, Q-Tip: ‘…feeling hearts that truly care are fragile to the flow of air…’  We are honored to be included here with our Brave photo, and we thank you so kindly, Judith.

JudithKimberPhoto 9-23-14
Judith is a fine art photographer capturing the beauty in nature, architecture, people, and botanical subjects.  The first image below, Weaver’s Hands, is a perfect example of her artistic sight & creativity.  It could be a painting from an old Dutch master…Vermeer  perhaps.  It’s that beautiful, and it’s one of my favorites.  You’ll find yourself on an exciting photographic adventure as you browse Judith’s lovely images when you visit her shop.

JudithKimberPhoto2 9-23-14

Mary from mdollshop and also a Brave Team member enfolds us in a tender embrace in her magical collection called Hug.  Mary has included our Brink photo among some of the most beautiful selections in this soft and perfectly curated treasury.  Many heartfelt thanks to you, Mary.

mdollshop 9-24-14
It’s rare today to find exquisite handmade dolls fashioned with unique clothing and accessories, and Mary’s wide-eyed, delicately sculpted, angelic creatures are certainly among the very best.  This is a time-consuming, labor-intensive art, and no one does it better than Mary.  When you visit her shop be sure to look at all the views of each of her dolls to see their full regalia and different poses.  I can’t imagine that you doll-lovers and collectors out there won’t find one that captures your heart.

mdollshop2 9-24-14

Thanks to all of you and to our featured sellers.  We wish you all a fabulous fall weekend!

The Saturday Scene

Here’s our new Halloween photo, Ghostly Graveyard, that is highly suggestive of unsavory creatures of the night…ghosts & goblins, headless horsemen…maybe even a zombie or two.  There’s no one element that screams out, ‘ooh, creepy!,’ but the effect of all the elements together is just that…creepy.  And just who lurks beneath that nameless headstone?

I started this piece with one of our photos from a cemetery in New Haven, CT, to use as the main background.  Cropped from another photo in that cemetery is the large tombstone that guards the remains of some of our ancestors.  I placed this on the background, and erased the name engraving to allow the headstones behind to be seen.  Then I put in the raven and my star field layer, painting out the star field from the cemetery grounds.  

Next I added a blue/brown grunge layer to give just a hint of color to the canvas in general and to complement the bird in particular.  And finally I placed a black grunge layer to the entire collage, painting out degrees of opacity here and there.  Something I noted in the blue brown layer is that it somehow left a nice, almost-mirror image of the raven in the right foreground.  How cool is that!  When I look at this collage I certainly feel a foreboding warning not to be caught out walking in this cemetery on All Hallows Eve, and I know it’s a success.  Hope you enjoy it. ;-D

On the softer side is a photo collage, Aviary, that depicts a room with stairs and flowers.  To this background I added the hovering bird, a couple of butterflies, a string of birds on the stair railing, and some floating feathers.  After they were layered in with different blending modes I added a pink layer at a low opacity.  Gave it a subtle midnight filter in NIK, and I had my sanctuary.

We have a treasury today by Mariana and Paula from stationeryCiaffi that incorporates one of our new shop photos, Jonathan, and, honestly I was quite taken aback when I saw it.  I had only just listed it, and here it was in a treasury already!  Leave it to my lovely mates in Argentina.  Beautiful collection of outright moon images and images suggestive of the moon.  Thanks so much, M&P! ♥

stationeryCiaffi 9-18-14
In Mariana’s and Paula’s shop of paper goods you will find stationery, journals, and notebooks to suit your every writing need.  The spiral journals & notebooks are done up in wonderful motifs…humor, art reproductions, travel, nature, and more, and the charming mini stationery sets are perfect for thank you notes or small messages of any kind.

stationeryCiaffi3 9-18-14

Lee from ThePamperedGoddess and a fellow member of the Brave Team has given us a soft & wispy palette filled with warm peach tones and beautiful items.  We are completely honored to be included with our Whisper photo, a portrait of one of my lovely daughters.  Couldn’t be happier, Lee, than to see Emilie’s portrait in this divine collection, and we thank you so much! ♥

ThePamperedGoddess 9-18-14
And speaking of divine, Lee fashions the most charming goddess charms ever that are sure to slip their way right into your heart.  But that’s not all.  She is also a jewelry designer and provider of jewelry supplies.   Her pieces are absolutely beautiful, so be sure to visit her and see everything.

ThePamperedGoddess1 9-18-14

Thank you so much for stopping by.  A great weekend to all!

The Friday Forum

A salute to the departing summer and to summers past this collage is on the lighter side from what I’ve recently been doing (no filters in NIK in particular!), and it’s a freebie for anyone who might like to have it.  I think the resolution is high enough that you can simply click the image to full size, left click on the image, and then choose ‘Save As, ‘ and place into your photo files.

The background photo is a shot on Bar Harbor Island in Maine (my dear homeland!) with a phot0 of a gull feather that I took on that same visit layered on top along with a gull and some other flying birds.  Finished it with a blue & green watercolor splash background. ;D

Bar Harbor Beach Collage2_edited-1

Friends who are like family to me (even though we haven’t yet met in person), Elizabeth & Charles, have an extraordinary shop called GalleriaPrimavera, which we’ll get to in just a minute.  First, though, I want to show you a neutral-toned treasury that Elizabeth created with her wonderfully artistic eye that is perfectly beautiful.  Our Patchwork Planets sit among all of these pretty selections, and we are delighted.  Thanks so much, dear friend!  

GalleriaPrimitiva 9-10-14

In GalleriaPrimitiva you will find not only unique African art & artifacts;  you will also discover in prints the exceptional pyrographic art of Charles and note cards that feature hand drawings by him.  This is an exciting, intriguing shop, and I know you will enjoy your visit there.

GalleriaPrimitiva2 9-10-14

From Llona of LonasART we have a dark & lovely black & gold collection that shines with the amazing items within it.  Llona has included our Raven, and we deeply appreciative.  Many, many thanks to you Llona!

LonasART 9-10-14
Llona has a lovely shop in which you can find beautiful handmade gifts and home decor items as well as vintage selections.  Hers is the perfect shop for gift ideas, and we hope you’ll stop by and visit.

LonasART4 9-10-14

We have a stunning collection from Yaniv of yanivshimony that employs a skillful combination of blues and teal.  We feel very fortunate to be represented in this awesome collection with our Brave photo, and we are most grateful to you Llona.  

yanivshimony 9-4-14
To say that Yaniv is a talented artist is an understatement.  I love her imaginative illustrations and comic art, and I think you will too.  Take a look at these enchanting examples below, blow them up, and you’ll be blown away by their magic.

yanivshimony1 9-4-14

Finally we have a treasury from my sweet friends in Argentina, Mariana and Paula of macraMe, that is like a flute song drawing me to one of my favorite places…the mountains.  I love this collection and am so pleased that they placed our Moon Over Mountains photo here.  The photo was taken in Glacier National Park, a land of spectacular mountains, so it seems apropos for a gallery like this.  Thanks so very much and lots of love to you both, M&P! 

macraMe 9-6-14

Mariana and Paula have several shops on Etsy, and in this particular shop they make macrame pendants in owl motifs in lots of different colors.  As the owl is one of my favorite motifs in anything, and especially these charming little characters, after nearly three years of knowing these lovely ladies I finally purchase one…in red!…and I’m waiting with excited anticipation.   These are the cutest little guys, so be sure to stop by and see all of their color choices

macraMe4 9-6-14


Thanks to all of you, dear readers, and to all of the featured shops.  Have a great weekend!