Digital Macro and Close-Up Photography

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Here’s the equipment (Canon MP-E 65mm f/2.8 1-5X Macro Lens):

What a beauty!

And here’s the book:

For dummies!

Now if I can just put the two together and make-it-work!

OK, so this is a little creepy, but you get the idea.

Manual focus, can’t move a hair’s breadth, ring flash, special macro tripod… all required…an awesome challenge for me, the least photo schooled of the family.  But I say ‘me’ in this endeavor because this challenge feels like my baby, though Joni & Craig are very fond of the genre as well.

I’ve gently pushed for adding a macro lens to our equipment log and for macro photography in general for a while now, not as an expert photographer looking for a new direction, but as an artist looking for a new canvas & palette.

I have been known to take a decent photo or two, but Joni & Craig are far more  expert in this field.  They are great judges of the art of a given photo as well, but my interest lies almost solely in the composition, the artfulness, the color…the look and feel of art…rather than the actual taking of the picture.  And macro photography, macro images, say ‘fine art’ at some of its very best…magical and lyrical, stunning and inspirational, an entire macro world in each photo…a painting, a portrait, as grand as any.  I want us to create this kind of painting, and I hope it will be a significant contribution to this exciting enterprise we call The Photo Impression.

Well we might just be lucky enough, with our undying thanks to Joni, in that the lens pictured above may soon be a reality for us in a used but very well-cared-for model from a close family friend.  Thanks to Craig for spending a day with me in a high end photo store looking at everything from lenses to lighting to tripods to paper.  And thanks to both for indulging my fantasy.


4 responses to “Digital Macro and Close-Up Photography

  1. Can’t wait to see what you do with it!

    • Debbie Keating de Juan

      Well I don’t have the lens yet (or the other required accessories), but I’m chomping at the bit. So excited to try this!

  2. Me, too, Sister! And thanks to you for the passion for this new endeavor!

    • Debbie Keating de Juan

      Ooh, and I AM passionate about it. I’m so excited to try this out, as you know. Hope we can get it all together soon!

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