Orly Art Exhibit Concludes

My brother, Craig, and I reluctantly attended the Orly Art Exhibit Silent Auction and Cocktail Party at the Millennium Gate Museum Friday night as my Gardenia photo was one of the pieces up for auction.  I say ‘reluctantly’ because we each border on being pathologically shy, we’re generally not fond of ‘dressing up,’ and we knew essentially no one.  To our utter surprise and delight, however, we found ourselves having an awesome time right from the get go.

The museum is stunning…a nicely curated tribute primarily to the history and people of Georgia.  The Orly Auction & Cocktail Party were held under a large tent on the Oval Lawn in front of the Commons pond (I think those names are correct).  The weather was balmy, and the city lights shown brilliantly in the background.

Lovely centerpieced tables and art easels were stationed throughout the lawn displaying the various pieces of art being auctioned, while drinks & hors d’oeuvres flowed to our beck & call. 

Here’s the information and photo of my piece.  It auctioned for less than I might have hoped but more than I had expected, so Craig and I were quite content.

We send our appreciation and congratulations to Katherine Bell McClure who presented this event in a chic and graceful manner.  Thanks for everything, Katherine…finding us on Etsy, inviting us to be a part of this exquisite event, picking up my photo at the library, and last but not least, putting those gardenias from your yard on our table.  Thank you also to Jane Kimbrell who hung in there and purchased our piece.  We so appreciate it.

Before we left Craig & I toured the museum and came upon a fabulous find…a circa 1930 Corona typewriter in the office of historical figure, Thomas K. Glenn.  I thought of Ernest Hemingway pecking away on his own Corona that traveled with him just about everywhere and wondered if his might not have been very similar to this.

Many thanks to Craig who is always there for me.  You were the perfect date.  I had such a great time, and I know you did too.  Such fun!


6 responses to “Orly Art Exhibit Concludes

  1. Thank you Debbie! You and Craig were a wonderful addition to the night. I am so happy to have these photos as well. These are the only ones I’ve seen. Thanks again!

    • Debbie de Juan nee Keating

      These are not very good photos, Katherine, as they were taken with a little point & shoot. If I’d thought ahead I would have brought my better camera! For memory purposes, though, I guess they’ll have to do! Thanks for looking and reading.

  2. Jane Kimbrell

    You are so right about the beautiful party and I was so fortunate to meet the creator of my gardenia. It was my mothers favorite flower… She must have been guiding me. These are such magical pictures of the event.
    Thank you

    • Debbie de Juan nee Keating

      Gosh, Jane, I so rarely get on my blog lately that I didn’t even realize you’d left a comment. Thank you for doing so, and of course, thank you for bidding on my gardenia. Gardenias are my favorite flowers (I carried some in my wedding in 1977) so I also have a special fondness for them. I’m happy to have met you.

  3. The gardenia photograph is beautiful. Those flowers take me back to the ’60’s when they were quite the fashion. Katherine’s family was awed by the beauty and organization of the display Saturday night. Katherine, you are a wonder.

    • Debbie de Juan nee Keating

      Thanks so much, Glenda. I’m so pleased that you liked the photo. The gardenia is my favorite flower…I carried one in my wedding (way back in the late ’70s!). It was a lovely exhibit, and, yes, Katherine is indeed a wonder.

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