After a very long hiatus we are back with a new name, a new look, and new directions.  We hope this will be an exciting place for photographers, photo artists, and art lovers alike as we share our images and art pieces with tips, how-to’s, and works in progress.  We’ll also be happy to answer questions.

Starting off then with a new piece called ‘Scarecrow’ posted yesterday in our Etsy Shop and just in time for that most fun and spooky of occasions.


Work begins in Photoshop CC and assumes the readers basic working knowledge of the program.  Scarecrow itself began with the main background layer and some elements that I purchased as a kit.


Two more backgrounds and a cloud photo were added  for texture and color, blended in soft light for the first two and overlay for the clouds.   Opacities  were adjusted and portions of each layer masked out. untitled-1Next came the addition of various elements, first the train, the tree behind the train, the skeleton beside the train, the sign,  chair,  chest, candle, and all of the various darker crows.  Some leaves were scattered under the chest.



Finally we have the piéce de résistance, the king of the crows; the steam punk crow.  He is the product of playing around with several images to fit them into the look I was after.  I selected these layers and made a group, which allowed me to move them around as a unit once they were placed in the image.  Here’s what I used and how it turned out.


Here is the working panel from Photoshop:


Fun, right?

Tip:  When photographing jewelry for your shop or site keep the background as uncluttered as possible.  Don’t photograph jewelry on wood, rocks or shells as these backgrounds tend to obscure the piece.  Use neutral colors for the background, focus on the piece and get as sharp an image as possible.

Thanks for popping in!







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  1. Good luck with the new departure!

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