It’s all Greek to me

The following piece is a work in progress that I’ve been developing for several days now;  thinking, decision-making, and imagination accounting for a large part of that time (as is always the case).

The current working title for this exaggerated view of ancient Greek life, culture, and beauty is ‘The Royal Household.’  I wanted to work with a classical woman (Greek or Roman), and I had in mind to place her in another background from my abandoned places collection.  

I looked for a free image of this mythical beauty, found the one below, and knew immediately that I had something great to work with.  It also became apparent that she wouldn’t work in one of those abandoned buildings. 


In my collection of backgrounds I found the image below, which was perfect in two ways, its classical theme and the window area between the columns.  And what’s so exciting about the window you might ask?  Well you can place a photo or another background layer behind it, and it will show through the window as if looking out from the portico.  Love it!

Here are the columns into which everything will fit.  They are not well-defined when enlarged, so I duplicated the layer and put an ink outline filter on it, reducing the opacity to 20%, and keeping the blend mode at normal.  I then made a group of these two layers, so they could be worked on as one entity.  




Cloud layers, a photo glow image for sun light, and one of my photos from the countryside around Stonehenge were placed behind the columns filling the window area; normal blend mode with opacities shown below.



Next came the masked version of m’ lady, and now I think I see some wild animals coming into this picture.  A pretty image but nothing out of the ordinary.  I’ll be working to change that though!



That’s it so far.  Back to the drawing board!



2 responses to “It’s all Greek to me

  1. Thank you for detailed process – amazing!

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