A couple of posts back I suggested that you might scan items that you find and use them as papers and elements.   My sister, Joni, and I have a dog-boarding business, and a few weeks ago one of our clients (a couple) vacationed in Japan. They very kindly returned with a box of Japanese candy for us that was made from rice and fruits.  I had left the wrapper sitting on my desk when Joni meandered in and asked, ‘What should we do with this?’  I realized how much I loved the paper, didn’t want to toss it, and said with delight, ‘I know, I’ll scan it!’  So I scanned away, found it a new home in my specialty papers bin, and today it is the background of today’s image called Indulge.

Here is the wrapper.


The other papers.

And the elements.





Love this stitched motif. Stitching often provides a wonderful textural accent


I began with a new white layer set to 12 x 12 inches with a resolution of 300.  Onto that I layered the candy wrapper and the orange paper set to the blends and opacities shown above.

The lovely Asian woman came next, and I had some fun with her in applying a blend mode I have never before used.  For this project I didn’t want her bright colors, so I set her to black and white, grouped her with the flower/butterfly motif, and set her to a color burn blend where she became just as I’d imagined.

Next came the crinkled paper that I duplicated and placed in the top right and  bottom left corners with the white/gray splotch layered over that and placed in the center.  I placed the tree stitching and watercolor-splotch-with-text  left and right center respectively.

The final touches included a bright orange origami bird, the various texts (I found a very cool free Asian-like font for these on my favorite font site, a few white specks, and then I signed off on it.  Here is candy wrapper art to show that art potential exists anywhere and everywhere.


I’m sorry to say that I took screen shots of the PS panels before I had renamed some of the layers, but here they are for basic info.  Feel free to leave any questions in the comment section.   And don’t forget.  Have a great week!



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