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Whither away so early, Little Red Riding Hood?

In my telling of Little Red Riding Hood, which I call The Red Cloak, the lass has a look in her eye that could be just as wily as that of the wolf though perhaps with a touch of sadness.

I began with a 16 x 16 inch blank layer and placed a woodland background on top, stretching it to fit.


I then layered the three major elements-the wolf, the girl, and the moon-on top of that.  The wolf was on an orange background, so I masked that out, kept the opacity to 100% and blended him in multiply mode.  Then I added a reddish outer glow. 



The image of the girl was overlaid with a watercolor filter before I placed her at 90% opacity and a normal blend in the lower right corner, and the moon was masked out from an image of various moon phases and was set to 90% opacity and a hard light blend. 



To finish the piece I used a paper that I have used before and that I love for its oil paint texture along with a pink textured paper paper.  The first was set to 85% opacity and multiply mode, and the second set at 100% opacity and soft light mode.


The finished piece:


Here is the PS panel that shows more detail.


And where might your grandmother live?

Happy trails.  Thanks for stopping by!