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Whither away so early, Little Red Riding Hood?

In my telling of Little Red Riding Hood, which I call The Red Cloak, the lass has a look in her eye that could be just as wily as that of the wolf though perhaps with a touch of sadness.

I began with a 16 x 16 inch blank layer and placed a woodland background on top, stretching it to fit.


I then layered the three major elements-the wolf, the girl, and the moon-on top of that.  The wolf was on an orange background, so I masked that out, kept the opacity to 100% and blended him in multiply mode.  Then I added a reddish outer glow. 



The image of the girl was overlaid with a watercolor filter before I placed her at 90% opacity and a normal blend in the lower right corner, and the moon was masked out from an image of various moon phases and was set to 90% opacity and a hard light blend. 



To finish the piece I used a paper that I have used before and that I love for its oil paint texture along with a pink textured paper paper.  The first was set to 85% opacity and multiply mode, and the second set at 100% opacity and soft light mode.


The finished piece:


Here is the PS panel that shows more detail.


And where might your grandmother live?

Happy trails.  Thanks for stopping by!




The Rat Pack

I’ve been so busy with my dog boarding business and the holidays that it’s been hard to find time to post anything.  That doesn’t mean that I haven’t been working though because…

I had a surprise commission fall into my lap just before Christmas.  It didn’t actually fall;  more accurately I stalked it and reeled it in.  

One of my daughters works in an upscale restaurant in the Atlanta area, and the owner of that restaurant is opening an even more upscale place in February.  As a holiday gift for their employer all the workers wanted to purchase artwork that they could have matted and framed for him to hang in the new place.  

He is taken with The Rat Pack from the early 60’s, so they thought they should go with that idea.  For those of you too young to remember them they were a group of actors and musicians, most prominently Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis, Jr.  They tended to be heavy drinkers, smokers and carousers who performed in Las Vegas and hence were dubbed ‘The Rat Pack’ by actress Lauren Bacall (wife of Humphrey Bogart).

My daughter asked me to check out different sites to see what kind of artwork I could find, and when I saw nothing that impressed me much, I thought, ‘Hey I think I can do something more provocative and with an edge (which is always a good thing for me!).’  My Rat Pack then has three actual rats…hungry, thirsty and ferocious…running along the skyline of Las Vegas (maybe heading for that very dry martini!).

The team liked it and bought it, and now it’s out being framed.

Here it is (this frame is only a mock-up).  Now if he only hangs it up!


Next time another a tutorial.  Thanks for joining me!