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Nature Listens

The pure magic that is winter is the theme today in a piece entitled Nature Listens, which will be available on Etsy in a day or two.  Beginning with the finished piece I’ll follow with its deconstruction.  At the end it will be my utmost pleasure to offer  2 more  holiday-themed files free as a way of thanking you all for following along.   

Comparatively few layers and elements make up this piece, and with the understanding that you have a basic understanding of Photoshop this tutorial will hopefully be easy to follow.  So let’s begin.


Here are the papers and textures.



white-circle-texture white-scroll-texture


The layers were set in the order shown; first the clouds, then the landscape of firs, and finally the falling snow.  It’s always best to play around with the order of layers, blend modes and opacities to get just the look you’re after. 

Here are the elements (and how I love these clusters!).   The bare trees are in the foreground,  and I chose to place the skater and the village off center.  I rotated the dove horizontally and placed her in the upper right corner. 




Added the text and signature, and it is now a fait accompli!

For those who would like to take a closer look here are the PS panels.  The first is the panel showing the layers that have been grouped.  The second and third are the original working panels. 



And here are the files as promised.  I see this as a photo mat for a holiday photo…


and this as a scrapbook page or for framing.


If you can’t retrieve these files directly from this post leave your email address in the comment section, and I’ll send them to you.  Enjoy!







The Hour of Silence

‘Dawn is the time when nothing breathes, the hour of silence. Everything is transfixed, only the light moves.’

 Leonora Carrington, 1917-2011 
British artist, surrealist painter and novelist. carrington

Tip: Before I introduce a new piece today I want to say a word to photographers who are interested in taking their work into the realm of the photo artist; a place of creativity, individuality, and sometimes if we’re lucky, a little magic.

The very first order of business is to become a collector- of papers, textures, elements;  anything that might bring life to your piece.  I literally have hundreds of papers, textures and things as well as my photos.  Many textures & backgrounds can be gotten free by googling ‘free photo backgrounds.’  Free images can be found at  https://creativecommons.org.   When I’m looking for something new I purchase papers & kits, and one of my favorite places is https://e-scapeandscrap.net/boutique.  You’ll find many sales and occasional free items, and this is a great site for scrapbookers.  

Once you’ve collected images and elements the next order of business is to organize them into folders.  I have folders for Papers & Textures, which I have sub-divided into categories of Colors, Edges-Frames-Overlays, Splotches, Scribbles, Scratched Surfaces, Brushes & Text, Clouds-Moon-Stars just to name a few as well as folders called Critters, Botanicals, Patterns-Graphics-Icons, and Victorian-Steampunk. 

‘The Sound of Silence’ is the title of the piece I’ll be working with today, and we’ll start with the finished image and work backward.



The image begins with a gray speckled paper, which I duplicated twice putting an impressionist painting filter on one layer and an ink-watercolor filter on the other.  Blend modes and opacities are shown on each.




Once the base layer is in place I add a very nice grungy gray/blue background and a sunspot.



A photo I  took on the Okefenokee swamp is cropped, reversed horizontally, duplicated, and blended in luminosity mode at a 50% opacity.  The duplicate is given a sketchy watercolor filter, blended in soft light mode with a 75% opacity.



Next come the flying geese and the text.


The text was blended in hard light mode at 40% opacity.


The final touches include the addition of a gorgeous blue/brown background and a starry background.


Finally the panel layer from Photoshop.  The layers were not originally placed as they are here, but this is the final stacking before the image is flattened.


Have a happy week.